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Are you sick and tired of being alone, girlfriend-less, not knowing how to fuck a girl and no one to spend the night with but none other than you and your hand?

Well, let me tell you straight.

I was once like you. I used to have a hard time with the ladies. In fact, I was one of those people that were considered “uncool” and didn’t get along well with the rest of the guys that had the chicks.

Let’s put it this way, I was a huge introverted geek.

Yes, you heard me. Remember in school, were you used to see an odd guy who was very active in all the clubs like: Chess, Book reading and spelling but had totally no social appeal whatsoever, and would also crack up funny humiliating scenarios in front of class?

Guys, that person was me.

I used to live like that for a long time and was totally ok with it. Until that fateful day…

I was having a MAJOR HUGE crush at this girl whom I knew in college. Fortunately, she was the only girl in my life that paid me any much attention. We got to know each other and remained in contact after we left school. We had great dates, and would spend almost countless hours talking on the phone late at night and enjoy each other’s company. Those were good days as I thought to myself “Man, finally a girl whom I really like and who seems to be liking me back.”

In my eyes, she was a perfect 10 and it I really didn’t want to mess it up.

One day, I came to her house and wanted to give her a huge surprise. I finally decided that I want to profess my love to this girl of my dreams by asking her if she wanted to be my girlfriend. Sounds familiar so far?

I then bought a huge bouquet of flowers, a bottle of Moet, and had a box of finely picked chocolates and with a breath of courage, drove straight to ther house.

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What happened next was the absolute WORST thirty minutes of my entire life.

I parked my car in front of her house and saw her front door open. I was worried. I thought there could have been a robbery and was so afraid that I rushed to her front door to check if everything was alright. As I walked to the door, about the same time I reached my hand towards the door knob, a man came outside naked without her shirt.

I asked him, “…and you are?”

With a perplex look that he gave back to me as if asking the same thing to himself, suddenly a woman who was wearing a loose men’s polo came outside with him.

And that is when it hit me…

It was her. The girl of my dreams just had sex with a random dude whom I never knew he met before.

That was the turning point in my life. I vowed never again that I would have a difficult time with women and that was when I committed to myself that I would do whatever it takes to not be the kind of person that does not become another woman’s doormat.

I rushed home that night, furious. The woman whom I had a major crush never called me back and my last memory of her was a sad but indifferent look on her face who just wished I’d never shown up that day.

But, I’m glad I did because it gave me the burning desire to never experience this same kind of shit ever again.

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Guys, I would never disclose this “Sex Fuck Ladies” information to anyone for anything because life with having lots of women in your life is like a superpower. But I realized that many men out there, suffer the same tragedy and course of life like me. So I thought that the only way I could give back is that if I teach this system to others and let others benefit and become the men they have always wanted to be.

My only advice to you on how to fuck a girl is this, never use this information for the sake of getting even with a woman or proving your worth to yourself.

That night when my girl had sex with another dude, I was mostly mad at myself. Mad at the countless times and opportunities that I could have fixed this MAJOR area in my life, but I didn’t. Mad that I did not give myself the chance to succeed.

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You might think you need to rush things to make any girl have sex. The things is that this will tend to put her off. If the woman that you like to fuck has agreed to kiss & make out with you the you can stay at that stage for sometime for her to know that she could trust you before you begin to map out your strategies on how to make any girl have sex with you.

If you are the type of man that has many girlfriends this might not really help on how to make any girl have sex with you, she needs care from you , you need to let her feel special to you to some extent . Let her see it in you that you are the man that she’s been wanting all along, you can’t just treat this like a numbers game and think sex will come naturally.

Hey! be a gentleman and treat her kind, she is fragile and treat her as such, be ready to give her your coat when she feel the cold and be the one to carry her load and let her feel like a queen and naturally with time she will feel like having it with you. Don’t be hasty and in a rush! That it is not a good way on how to make any girl have sex.

Make Women Want You VideoYou do not need to impress women all the time just to make any girl have sex with you. But keep in mind that you must make sure to keep your apartment clean. This might sound funny but this shows that you are organized let your bed room look attractive and inviting. You must also get yourself a clean underwear and avoid any foul odor that might put her off.

Don’t let your woman think you are obsessed with her body, prove her wrong. Be concerned with her total being as a person. You must be willing to know much about her, such like her background, friends, her childhood, experience. You need to form an habit of looking at her straight in the eyes because her contact has a way of communicating emotional messages. (You can do this using the by the Pandora’s Box quick mind reading trick that you can instantly access Here)

You must be attentive to her need, you must care for her needs, you need to be able to interpret her body language and always be ready to put in your best to restore joy to her each time she is down cast.

You need to see that she is ready for sex, you need to observe her closely and see if she is ready if not you might end up offending her. If you are her first boyfriend and she does not have sexual experience or if she is deeply religious or has other moral conviction that made her steadfast about not having sex. You need to stay clear and let her have enough time to consider having sex with you.

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This is how to make any girl have sex with you naturally.

1. If while you’re with her she’s the one making all the move making and getting all physically aggressive towards you.

2. If she suddenly begin to talk more about sex and his giving you sexual compliment and innuendos.

3. If she has been willing to sleep over and spend more time near your bed or inviting herself over to your place.

This and many more might be a sign that she is ready.

Now you need to be always prepared. An example is that she is already horny but you need to run to the drug store to get a condom. Then that might put her off and the opportunity might not come again. Also, even though you have everything ready, don’t let her know you are beforehand. Just let everything go naturally.

You need to set the mood, start by doing something romantic and soften her and get her hands down. Your clean apartment should be stock with wine, grapes, chocolates and don’t forget to put on some light jazz music. Turn on color bulb that makes the room romantic and always remember to offer something to eat or drink.

You need to start by kissing her in varieties of ways that makes it fresh, don’t let her grope while you lock your lips. Do it slow, grazing your lips as you touch her hair and stroke her face?

Make Any Girl Want To FuckYou will have to break from kissing her allowing her to take in fresh air and this even make her to want more of you. When you kiss her for a few seconds you need to withdraw, stroke her and talk to her. Repeat this move then she will be the one now demanding for the next level which is sex.

She will feel you are in control of your emotion and that you are not desperate about it this will let her surrender willingly. Even though you might be desperate… laugh

Now you can progress gradually by touching her, caressing her arms, the back of her head and hair and as you continue stroke her breast under her shirt or wait for her to touch you. If your clothes are off or partly off, you can kiss her breast or touch her through her underwear to get her in the right mood.

Now that the mood is right you can begin to make love together and enjoy your sex with her, but if after all these she is still steadfast not to have sex with you don’t force her and never you argue with her.

When you try to use reason and logic with her despite the fact that she has denied your offer this will make her frustrated, annoyed and most likely she might not end up having sex with you.

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How To Fuck A Woman

How To Fuck A Woman? Click below to find out the exact system to make any girl want to fuck you.

How To Fuck A Woman

How To Fuck A Woman

As a man, it’s important to be able to properly fuck a girl. If you can’t, it’s probably not the worst thing to practice. If you know how to fuck a woman, your only going to be getting to fuck her more often. But, as any guy knows, fucking isn’t the only part. First, you have to be able to actually get her to go to bed with you. For some people, this is more difficult than others. So, it’s also very important to be able to seduce a girl, else you are never going to get sex in the first place.

Ways to seduce a girl change depending on the situation you are in. Sometimes you may have to take the girl on a date, other times, it could be a more simple one-night stand. Either way, you have to be able to get to that point in the first place. Girls are tricky. Especially if they aren’t going crazy over you. Then, you have to make them want you. Knowing how to seduce a girl is just as important as knowing how to fuck a woman.

The first step to seducing a girl is usually figuring her out. Observe, see what she likes. And also, try to see if she’d even be willing to have sex with you. Some girls, no matter what you do, she will simply not have sex with you. But see what she likes, and then do your best to be that. This applies better to if you are only wanting sex. If you actually want a relationship, well then you have it a bit tougher.

As soon as you think you’ll be able to charm and successfully flirt with this girl, you need to do it. But don’t be cocky. Just about all girls hate over-confidence. It turns them off. They view it as guys thinking they can get anyone they want, and in response they won’t let him get herself. So confidence is important, but don’t be too confident.

Every girl likes a guy who is charming, and a bit flirtatious. And you don’t have to flirtatious with just her. Girls get jealous, and we all know how dangerous a woman’s jealousy is.

How you should approach a girl depends largely on how well you already know her. Just how there are so many ways to know how to fuck a woman, there a plenty of ways for you to approach a girl. This depends on if you already know her, the situation you are in, etc. If you are at a club, it’s likely you have it easier than having to get a friend to have sex with you. It’s still totally doable, but possibly won’t be as easy.

When dealing with a girl you already know, you have to get her to view you as more than just a friend. You have to make her see that you know how to fuck a woman. It’s a good idea to touch her more than usual. Be flirtatious and confident. If she’s totally unresponsive, you can either keep trying, or cut your losses and find another girl to seduce.

Asking a girl on a date is a good way to seduce her. It may take two or three dates, but it just may be worth it. Especially if you think you might like her as more than just an easy fuck. Always be chivalrous, it turns girls on like nothing else.

Knowing how to fuck a woman is important, but it’s also important that other girls know you know how to have sex with a girl. That makes them interested in you, and that is what you want. That way girls will actually want to have sex with you, because every girl likes to have a good time. There’s nothing wrong with having a reputation for being good at fucking. In general, girls will only want you more.

No matter how difficult, almost all girls can be seduced. So no matter how much she genuinely seems to hate you, there is usually a way. So don’t freak out when you find yourself wanting a seemingly unattainable woman. Just as men often want to seduce women, surprisingly women want to seduce men as well. And we all know how some girls are obsessed with playing hard to get.

Every guy is aware of the importance of properly knowing how to fuck a woman. There’s nothing for a man’s confidence like hearing a girl scream his name. So while it’s important to know how to fuck a girl, it’s equally important to know how to seduce a girl too.

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How To Make Her Fuck

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How To Make Her Fuck

When it comes to relationships, the art of loving and how to seduce a woman, it can be a tricky affair and it takes courage on the part of the man. The entire process takes a lot of courage and it is totally different from what many read online about how to fuck a girl. The first words you speak to a woman when you meet them speak a lot about who you are and what your interests are. Once you strike a positive conversation, the wording will determine whether the lady will be interested or not. (That’s why it is important to know the 3 questions that turn women on and the 33 innocent words that make her horny)

Overcoming the fear of rejection should not be in your mind as this is known to be one of the best tips on how to make her fuck. Depending on where you meet the lady, there are many approaches one can use. The first thing you should know is that women like being respected and treated well and they have the right to their freedom, space and privacy. Secondly, ensure that the environment is conducive to seduce a woman by analyzing their mood by a simple greeting and exchange of pleasantries and as much as possible avoid the how to seduce a woman common lines. Also, a great deal about this is that you don’t really need to think about rejection. Once you’ve known about the How to make her fuck you method, she’ll be the one pursuing you giving you the ability to just sit back and relax and let her do all do chasing.

Overcoming anxiety and low esteem feeling gives you the confidence when it comes to learning how to make her fuck you. A simple background check with your first conversation can reveal much about the lady you are interested in and once you build trust, you can learn a lot about her and the qualities she admires in a man. Since you have only one chance to make your first impression, compliments work very well especially when you pick the ones she will appreciate.

Pick an interesting and healthy conversation whilst avoiding closed questions which kill seduction conversations. The best way to keep the conversation going is showing that you want to know her better and be open to let her know you and create interest and trust. Many men fail when they become direct. Seduction is not about how to fuck a girl but creating an enabling environment towards her liking you and realizing that she is in safe pair of hands with you.

Assuming that the woman you are interested in is out of your league is the best way to fail. There are two types of beauty and sophistication in all women; the physical attractiveness and in inner soul which you nee to win before you even start thinking on the next approach on how to make her fuck. Winning their heart is a surefire step when it comes to how to seduce a woman. Men are always afraid of beautiful and sophisticated women and these are rarely seduced and these are the easiest target for you.

The initial conversation and ensuing trust should help you find out what the woman finds charming. This can be derived from the way she appreciated occasional complements. Keeping on completing and pampering her with comments which are not embarrassing takes away all insecurities while instilling your sincerity. Forget about the how to fuck a girl or how to seduce a woman magazines and sites as they might not work in your unique circumstances and women too read them and they can preempt your seduction escapade.

Avoid peer groups that purport to know much about how to fuck a girl as most of their advice does not work and is born out of their imaginations. A simple straight look into her eyes helps you connect with her heart and feelings. Eye contact helps distract you from her other appealing body parts. On the other hand, listen more and talk when necessary as interrupting the conversation may be seen as being dominant and rude; the pep talk should be about both of you.

The most important tip on how to make her fuck is her body language and this will show you whether she is interested or not. With your power of listening and eye contact, you will be able to notice her playing with her hair or observing you when you are not looking at her. At this point, do not talk about anything sex related as this can be a complete turn off and she can even take off. Once you cultivate her trust, get her contacts, tell her how much you would want to spend more time with her and set a date where you can start making your moves.

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